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Thank you doesn't adequately express my gratitude for the support Gianna has given me and my son over the years. Having your child diagnosed with Autism can be both overwhelming and daunting. Gianna has helped me navigate and focus on getting the right support and services for my son. She’s showed me how to advocate for my son at school to ensure he is being properly supported and understood. She’s helped me find a school setting where he feels comfortable in and is cared for by his teachers.

Gianna has so much knowledge and experience working with kids with special needs and their families. Whenever challenges have come up she offers a perspective or strategies that I would never think of and recognizes what most people cannot see.  At her core she truly cares about helping children with special needs. She passionately believes that every child deserves to have a good and healthy childhood, one that helps them reach their fullest potential.  Gianna has been a blessing to our family. It’s been a difficult road at times but having her in our corner has given us strength & so much knowledge.

Christina (parent)

I don’t know where to start when it comes to Gianna!  Gianna supported me to get my son into an autism school, when other schools were willing to take full advantage of us.  She fought very hard for my son’s EHCP and to ensure it truly reflected his needs.  Gianna also created one of the most welcoming, safe and creative learning environments for my son and the other children at the autism base.  She created a caring team of people around the children and ensured their wellbeing was always number one priority.  Gianna will forever be someone we regard with great admiration as her passion for what she does surpasses everything else. "                                                                     

Antonina (parent)

Gianna was instrumental after my son’s diagnosis. As well as dealing with all the associated emotions that parents go through once you get a diagnosis, I also did not have a clue where to turn to for support or what do about schools and longer term planning. Gianna helped me learn the skills I needed to understand his behavior, anxiety, triggers which enabled me to streamline my parenting and made our lives so much easier. A huge part of our journey has been navigated through Gianna's guidance, and it has been integral for my sons wellbeing and the wellbeing of our wider family.


Gianna has been an absolute breath of fresh air. Her simple and genuine approach has been so appreciated.


Gianna supports me in areas she knows I need help before I even know what I need.  She is incredible and in a few weeks I have already seen changes in myself and my son and I feel hopeful for the fist time in a long time.


Gianna has provided me with guidance and talked me through many confusing, complicated and disheartening situations. Her recommendations are effective, unique to my situation and genuine. The way she listens, understands and never seems shocked by our circumstance makes me feel comforted and reminds me that we are not the only one experiencing our challenges. You can truly see that her expertise comes from a multitude of experience not just a textbook. I highly recommend Gianna.


I worked with Gianna at the National Autistic Society where she leant her time and expertise to help our campaigns to educate teachers and other education professionals on autism. She’s a dedicated professional, willing to go the extra mile for causes she so very clearly cares about. She’s an excellent communicator and extremely knowledgeable on autism and teaching autistic children and an exceptional role model for other autism professionals. I hope we can work together again in future.

The National Autistic Society, UK (charity)

Gianna has used her considerable skills and experience of autism to plan for the progress of all pupils, including planning for their progression to mainstream and to the next stages of their education. Her expertise, experience and her professional but open and honest communication style are valued by both parents and professionals. She is a valuable advocate for parents and families with SEN and consistently proactive on their behalf.  Gianna also developed strong relationships with the LA, in her roles as headteacher, and as an expert on autism on several panels with the LA. These included the ASD steering group, planning the LA’s 0-25 plan for people with autism, the LA’s Local Offer, and the ASD Intake Panel. Gianna’s expertise, assertiveness and commitment to ensuring the best access to services for people with autism in Camden was evident in all these groups, through the strong and informed contributions she made and through her continued advocacy for pupils and families. Gianna worked with the LA over several years to develop processes, to strategically plan provision and to ensure the best use of funds for children with SEN.

(PPO-UK Local Authority)

Gianna’s personal initiative, ability to work with others, her language and communication skills, ability to support the team to implement planned instructions, ability to relate to staff, classroom management, sensitivity to individual staff needs, interpersonal skills, reliability and overall outstanding. She always gave us constructive feedback and her quality of work was exceptionally good. Commitment to school events and extracurricular involvement and how she brought the team together were amongst her many strengths. Gianna has great leadership skills and it was a pleasure working under her management. She is reliable, experienced, trustworthy and incredibly hard working and this had driven me and my colleagues to go the extra mile and accomplish our duties.  She is also happy, bubbly, enthusiastic, very energetic, eager to learn, very creative, honest and extremely committed.

Hadia (Teaching Assistant)

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