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"Gianna Colizza holds an ECE diploma, a Bachelor of Child Studies and a Bachelor of Education.  Gianna has worked with children on the spectrum in both Canada and the UK where she has been regarded as a specialist leader in Special Needs Education and Autism. 


She has worked extensively with children and their families, sat on many government panels, and been a parent advocate.  Gianna has traveled Europe, learning about best practices in special education and led the establishment and operation of a private special education school in London UK.  She has also worked closely on projects with the renowned Simon Baron Cohen and has been interviewed by and mentioned in the Economist and SEN magazines."

As a Special Needs Education and Behavior Consultant, I provide the following services:

  • Coaching parents in a new diagnosis

  • Working with parents to better understand their child and their needs

  • Behavior 

  • Anxiety in children

  • Working with your child’s school

  • Supporting special needs in the classroom

  • Educational support

I am an Associate Consultant with Emerging Minds ( in Ottawa, Canada.  I provide services worldwide using video conferencing.  If you would like more information on my services or to book a consultation please contact my administrator Jennifer Mackintosh at or call 613-883-3716.

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